WinX Bluray DVD iPad Ripper

WinX Bluray DVD iPad Ripper

A versatile tool to convert your DVD/Blu-ray discs into Apple-compatible media
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WinX Bluray DVD iPad Ripper is a versatile video converter that can transform any of the video streams in your DVD or Blu-ray discs into MPEG4 or H.264 video files that any Apple mobile device - iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV – can play. Besides, it can also extract your preferred audio tracks and save them as MP3 files with your favorite bit rate.

The program comes wrapped up in an attractive interface. Its intuitive design, together with the simplicity of the conversion process, makes this tool suitable for all kind of users, both novice and expert. To make things even easier, this video converter offers you a set of device-oriented quality presets which can be customized at any point. The program includes specific profiles for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, and an extra one for audio extraction. The lack of a wider variety of audio output formats should not stop you from using this tool - being, as it is, a video converter - but it is certainly a pity that the audio extraction engine outputs nothing but MP3 files.

The video conversion process is fast and produces video outputs of a high quality, provided that the right settings have been selected. Its high level of flexibility will let you find the right balance between size and quality. You can try combining different values for the video quality (measured in Kbps), the video resolution (width and height), and even the video format (between MPEG4 and H.264, when available for that specific device) until you find the one that fits your needs. Then you have the possibility of saving the new profile with a new name for future conversions.

All in all, a flexible tool for Apple lovers who cannot live without a good film while on the move.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive, intuitively designed interface
  • Customizable conversion profiles


  • Audio extraction is restricted to MP3 files
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